Who We Are

TBOS Consulting was formed to provide mining operational excellence services in fleet management systems applications to bridge the gap between FMS deployments and achieving excellence.

We are a bunch of mining engineers with over 30 years combined practical and hands-on experience in mining operations and technology applications with focus in fleet management systems implementations, end-user training, system configurations and network communications.

Throughout our travels and having listened to FMS users and stakeholders globally, we see clear trends in issues facing mines. We have identified gaps in ways fleet management systems are implemented and utilized, the change management required for the introduction of a new system, training and functionality configurations to network communications setup.

At TBOS Consulting, we strive to be a tier-1 mining operational excellence consulting services provider and go that extra mile to help and support our customers globally to get the most from the fleet management system and real return on their investments.

We have expertise, strong and solid knowledge in the following fleet management systems:


Hexagon’s MineOperate OP Pro (formerly Leica Jigsaw)


Modular Mining Systems’ Dispatch


Caterpillar MineStar




To be your preferred FMS consultants in delivering real ROI


Help mines achieve operational excellence and get the most from their FMS

Our Values

We are Exceptional (Result-oriented). Act with Integrity. We are Honest. We do Due Diligence

What We Do


Advice or recommend on fleet management system selection based on your needs


Project manage your fleet management system implementation for better results, so they don’t become zombie projects: sucking resources without any real returns


Support you to get the most from your fleet management systems so they don’t become “orphans”


FMS deployment change management


Real time in seat coaching in dynamic dispatch (Optimizer) for improved productivities


Asset health monitoring in improving equipment uptime, utilization and production


Moving you to industry 4.0 in the digital transformation process by mapping your technologies and mining systems for an integrated ecosystem


Continuous improvement of the operation to become more efficient and productive


Systems configuration and audits


End -user training and coaching

  • Operators
  • Dispatchers or mine controllers
  • Stakeholders: Engineers, Geologists and Surveyors
  • Production and pit supervisors
  • Train the trainers
  • Senior management

Any other operational excellence assistance and value add services

Our Approach

At TBOS Consulting, we believe mining technology is ONLY as good its users and will deliver desired results if implemented and configured correctly and used as recommended.

We are shifting the dial from “just” performance to improved and sustainable performance by being intentional and deliberate to the little things that are often the pain points.

“Improving productivities, total cost of ownership (TCO) and ROI are real concerns for mining companies globally whether small or large and even contract miners. And because mines are constantly faced with tighter budgets and increasing operating costs, we focus on our customers’ needs by setting realistic targets and tracking short interval controls”.

“Capturing real time data and setting baseline KPIs do not guarantee mines to enjoy smooth transition to digital transformation and excellence. Most mines continue to use papers on daily basis. To this end, we place emphasis in effective change management, face-to-face practical training and coaching from our expert mining engineers on this journey to achieve operational excellence”

Our Strengths


We are driven to get maximum value recognition for our clients through the correct application of the system


Effective change management in FMS deployments


Stronger advocates for our customers in managing their FMS projects


Conduct due diligence in operational process improvement projects


Support our customers to ensure they have skilled and knowledgeable people using the system


Establish corporate KPI benchmarking using metrics across the business


Set industry best practices and recommendations


Continuous training and coaching to make site champions

Resources and People

Samuel Abodoo

Mining engineer and Senior Consultant

Email: samuel@tbosco.com

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    News / Papers / Case Studies

    Example of how to improve production and save cost.

    Quantifying the cost of loading units hang time with focus on reducing truck spotting time.



    Shovel can load 10 loads per hour


    Hang time = 18 seconds


    Shovel work hours = 10 hours per shift = 20 hours per day (24 hours)


    Assume a truck size (payload capacity) or 220 tonnes


    Assume shovel load time = 2.5 mins

    From the above:

    Time lost per hour = 18 x 10 = 180 secs = 3 mins

    Time lost per day = 3 x 20 = 60 mins = 1 hour

    Time lost per year = 365 hours

    Production lost

    Loads per day = 60 / 2.5 = 24

    Loads per year = 24 x 365 = 8760

    Production lost = 8760 x 220 = 1,927,200 tonnes

    Note: Similar scenario can be used by focussing on reducing truck wait (queue) time by 30 seconds.